Psychologist Plus – Couples and Marriage Counselling Brisbane

Psychologist Plus offer industry-leading couples and relationship counselling from our practice in Brisbane.

Our experienced psychologists can assist individuals in building a greater understanding and resolving reoccurring issues in their relationship. 

Our couples counselling services have helped hundreds of couples in Brisbane and surrounds repair their connection following breakdowns in communication, differences between individuals, or loss of compassion.

What can cause problems in a relationship?

Conflict and poor handling of issues between partners in a relationship is a common issue. Stressful or traumatic events can take toll on your bond, as can complete loss of concern and consideration. Our team of marriage and couples counselling psychologists in Brisbane have experience mending these issues and helping couples nurture their relationship. 

Recognising when to seek couples counselling

All partners have good times and bad times. If you are facing a reoccurring problem or difficult situation in your relationship that you are having difficulty resolving, it can be worth seeking advice from an objective party who only has interest in mending the connection. Professional help can extend relationships that may otherwise dissolve. If you’re considering relationship or couples counselling in Brisbane, trust a practice with years of experience delivering effective plans for hundreds of couples. 

What will happen in counselling?

Counselling will allow an objective, open platform for you and your partner to discuss issues, feelings, and conflicts and gain an understanding of the overall situation. This open environment will make your needs within the relationship known while strengthening your ability to comprehend your partner’s needs. Counselling may allow you and your partner to remember why you chose to be together initially and understand what has furthered the problems that now exist. 

The practitioners providing relationship and marriage counselling from our Brisbane clinic are highly experienced in this area of psychology and are ready to help you on your journey to a healthy, happy relationship.

What if my partner does not wish to seek professional help?

Often one party will be confident and comfortable in seeing a counsellor and the other may be hesitant. The ideal situation is for both partners to be on board and ready to seek professional help. However, if your partner is showing reluctance or has refused to seek help, it can still be worthwhile for you to seek professional help. Often, one individual seeking assistance individually can be the catalyst
for their partner deciding to also participate.

Schedule an appointment

If your relationship is suffering, or you are experience a breakdown in marriage, we’d love to help. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for marriage or relationship counselling, please contact our Brisbane practice today. Our experienced psychologists will be happy to help you on your way to a more open, happy and healthy relationship.