Leading Chinese Acupuncture /Massage Clinic in Brisbane

Psychologist Plus is home to a variety of effective, complimentary medicine techniques, including Chinese acupuncture/massage therapy. Psychology Plus’ commitment to quality, proven treatment methods has seen us become one of the most reputable Chinese acupuncture clinics in Brisbane.

What is Chinese acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment which promotes natural self-healing by stimulating energy lines throughout the body. The treatment is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy acknowledging the universe and body as two opposing forces: Yin and Yang. Fine needles are inserted in to particular points, working to balance energy forces. By unblocking the flow of energy, energy balance along the body’s meridians is promoted. The team at our Brisbane acupuncture clinic have used combined therapies to effectively treat hundreds of clients.

What does treatment achieve?

Treatments work to effectively heal the mind and body simultaneously, targeting underlying mental and emotional problems while relieving physical ailments. This treatment method is therefore extremely effective at treating psycho-emotional related physical conditions, by healing the body and mind connection. In this way, treatment helps restore positive energy balance.

Which conditions can be targeted?

The team at our Brisbane acupuncture clinic take time to customise each treatment plan to target the concerns of each individual and their symptoms. We adjust needling points and techniques to effectively treat a variety of conditions, including stress, anxiety and depression, insomnia, digestive disorders, migraines, musculoskeletal conditions and neurological conditions. It can also be used to promote wellness by restoring overall balance. Treatment has been proven to positively influence the nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine and immune systems.

Our expertise

Colin Kong is a qualified and registered psychologist and Chinese acupuncture practitioner in Brisbane, Australia. His comprehensive understanding of both clinical psychology and alternate therapy means that he can integrate acupuncture clinic services into a holistic treatment plan. By aligning alternate therapy with clinical or therapeutic modalities, Colin helps patients improve their overall health, balance and wellness.

Psychologist plus also works with qualified chinese massage therapists to help and relieve stress.

Trust an industry leader

Psychologist Plus is a leading Brisbane acupuncture clinic. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan that pushes past symptoms and treats the root cause of your problem. Our commitment to holistic, integrative medicine has seen us become a trusted Chinese acupuncture practitioner for Brisbane patients. Contact us for an appointment on 07 3341 2333.